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Four Essential Digital Resources to Help Your Church Reach People More Effectively

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The Outreach Bundle from Thom Rainer includes four digital resources for you to use with the leadership in your church to become a more outwardly-focused and kingdom-minded congregation.

The individual components of the Outreach Bundle will help in specific areas of your church. Put together and implemented well—they can create radical transformation in your church that you may have never expected to see.

Whether you're looking to create a culture of evangelism or wanting to make a prayerful impact on your community, the Outreach Bundle can help move your congregation to focus outwardly and more effectively reach your community for Christ.

The four digital resources included in the Outreach Bundle retail for more than $800 when bought individually. Purchase the bundle today, and you'll save more than 75% off the regular price.

The Outreach Bundle Includes...

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Pray and Go

With Pray and Go, you can create a prayer-centered culture in your church that leads to outward focus and community impact. Intentioal and specific prayer partnered with community presence can radically transform both your church and your community. This digital video resource from Thom S. Rainer walks you through all the steps you need to have prayer become a core component of your church’s outreach strategy. Any church can use Pray and Go. From churches of 20 to 2,000, you will see outreach driven by prayer make an impact on your church’s community. 

A $197 value!!!!

Reaching the Millennials

Your church can absolutely reach the next generation! With Reaching the Millennials, you will more fully understand and better engage America’s largest generation. Numbering nearly 80 million people, the Millennials are a generation in need of the life-changing power of the gospel. This digital video resource from Thom S. Rainer walks you through what you need to know about them and how your church can better reach them. So many stereotypes exist about this generation, but this video training helps you dispell the myths and cut the truth about America's largest generation. The potential to reach them is there. It just takes understanding them and intentionality to see your church become a home for Millennial Christians.

A $147 value!!!!

Invite Your One

Create a culture of inviting and evangelism in your church. This video training course includes nearly four hours of step-by-step, online training and instruction; downloadable notes, sermon notes, audio files, and related bonus content; all graphics for Invite Your One; guest cards, invite cards, prayer cards; and a week-by-week checklist. With Invite Your One, you will see an incredible boost in church attendance, evangelism, and morale. We've yet to see a church implement Invite Your One who did not experience immediate and measurable attendance growth.

a $79 Value!!!!

16 Quick Adjustments to Reach More Guests in Your Church

Most churches don't change in large ways all at once, but in small, steady ways that lead to big results. We've identified 16 such adjustments that will lead to monumental change in your church. This video training course includes nearly two hours of step-by-step training & instruction; downloadable notes, practical examples, audio files, and related bonus content; seven PDF adjustment papers; four MP3 adjustment audio downloads; and simple and immediate steps you can take to see more guests connect with your church.  

Customer FAQs

Will something be mailed to me?

No. The great thing about the Outreach Bundle is that you'll have immediate access to the content via our digital platform. You'll never have to worry about DVDs. Just stream or download the content to play it at your church, home, office, or on any internet-connected device.

What if I already have one of the components of the Outreach Bundle?

We've strategically discounted this product where you still receive a significant savings even if you have already purchased one of the components in the past. When you purchase the bundle, the new components will automatically be added to your existing account.

Do I have to pay an annual license to keep using these digital courses?

No. This is a one-time purchase for a lifetime, single-site license. You can use this at whatever church, organization, or denominational office you are serving as much as you'd like. We only ask that you not download and share the content with other groups. 

What is your refund policy?

We offer a full and complete refund within 30 days of your purchase with no questions asked. If for any reason you need to request a refund within 30 days, we will process it immediately with no hassle.

Don't let 2019 end without a resource plan for outreach in your church.

As 2019 comes to a close, you can use the Outreach Bundle to organize a strategic outreach plan for the future in your church. The step-by-step instruction you'll receive in these four resources will allow you to launch your church into its community to reach more people with the gospel.

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